The company has always adhered to the "integrity, team, hard work, innovation" concept of the company, and constantly

surpass themselves. In line with the purpose of taking advantage of the society and serving the society, we will develop

together with our friends.


"Safety development, prevention first" fire drill and knowledge training

In order to enhance the fire safety awareness of Guangcai family members and new members, and adhere to the establishment of the "safety first" management concept, on May 5, 2022, the company organized a "safety development, prevention first" fire practice drill and knowledge training. Before the drill, the personnel department of the company strictly formulated the fire control plan and arranged the specific implementation plan of fire control. Clarify the specific location and responsibility requirements of each personnel, and repeatedly emphasize the importance of this fire drill and pay attention to the matters needing attention in the safety drill. During the drill, a complete plan was formulated to simulate the fire scene, so that the participants in the drill could experience the fire danger firsthand, and the instructors of the street fire brigade were invited to explain the use of fire extinguishers and matters needing attention, so that the participants in the drill correctly mastered the operation method of using fire fighting equipment to fight fires, and effectively improved the safety awareness and fire prevention skills of employees. Through this exercise, the safety awareness of the participants and the ability to fight against fires and emergency response were improved, how to wear gas masks and use fire extinguishers to effectively extinguish fires, and how to correctly use fire hydrants. During the practical operation, the organization and command potential of each exercise working group were also exercised. The drill was a complete success in a tense and orderly manner. The Guangcai People's Association has always maintained a good record of safe operation with joint efforts,


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