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        Guangzhou Guangcai Label Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007 with registered capital of 20 million yuan. It is a professional enterprise engaged in non-sticker label printing. The industries involved include food, beverage, liquor, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, health products, anti-counterfeiting, etc.


The company is adjacent to Guangzhou South Railway Station, an important transportation hub. The factory covers an area of 6,800 square meters with more than 200 employees. It has three German flexographic printing presses, HP indigo digital printing presses, multiple roll offset printers (PS), full-wheel printing presses, imported AVT automatic high-speed product inspection machines, DuPont engraving machines, circular knife die cutting machines, CTP plate drying machines and other advanced equipment, which meet the requirements. The various printing needs of customers in the market.

The company has maintained long-term friendly cooperation with Wang Laoji, Perfect, Haitian, Mengniu, Everest Glacier, Luowa, Junle Bao, Renhe Pharmaceutical and other well-known brands; the company has passed the ISO 9001 quality certification system, ISO 14001 environmental system certification, national high-tech enterprise certification, national intellectual property certification, and has a number of patent certificates.


The company has always adhered to the management concept of "honesty, team, struggle and innovation", actively pursued scientific and technological progress and modern management, walked in the forefront of technological innovation and development in the industry, formed a unique independent manufacturing, operation and production system, and became a benchmark enterprise in the industry.



Guangzhou Guangcai Label Co., Ltd.

Guangcai Label Co., Ltd. values: everything is customer satisfaction oriented; mission vision:

to create quality products, beautify products.

Guangcai Label

【Business 】

Survival by quality and development by sincerity.


Spirit - facing strong enemies, brave sword, narrow road meet brave win!

Style - earnest, fast, stick to the promise!

Atmosphere - love out, love back, fortune back and forth, fortune back and forth!

Strength - unity of thought is strength! Only when the action is carried out can the result be achieved!


1. Family Culture > Cohesion!

2. School Culture > Learning Ability!

3. Military Culture > Executive Power!


As long as you live,

We must carry out the great cause of Guangcai to the end!

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Guangcai Label Co., Ltd. values: everything is customer satisfaction oriented; mission vision: to create quality products, beautify products.