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  Join process

  .Business prophase consulting

  .Fill in the application form and fax to the company

  .Regional managers go to the field

  .The company invites businesses to visit and negotiate with the company

  .The Regional Manager fills in the application form for the retail store design.

  .The two sides signed the "regional retail trial sale agreement"

  .The two parties sign the regional agency distribution agreement

  New business operation process

  Market introduction start - -- reduce business risk

  .Regional managers Issue Market Research Report and SWOT analysis to merchants.

  .Regional managers put forward suggestions on store location according to local market retail business circle.

  .Market planners (or regional managers) plan business activities.

  .Store image design

  .Cargo portfolio and product train guidance

  .Brand promotion, train of thought and training, and basic shopping guide training for guide buyers

  New business operation process

  The transition period of market development -- improving the profitability of stores

  .Defensive products, offensive products and explosive products promotion skills and targeted training.

  .Provide comprehensive and detailed after-sales service support to ensure timely and effective after-sales service work.

  .Pre sale: organize regular shopping training sessions at irregular intervals to enhance shopping guide level.

  .In sale: according to different sales schedule, plan effective promotion plan.

  .Distribution: assist in guiding the construction and development of distribution network.

  Schematic diagram of joining steps

  Step one: contact our regional manager

  Step two: mutual field visits between the two sides

  Step three: submit the retail store design application form.

  Step four: the two sides signed the regional retail trial agreement.

  Step five: the two sides have signed the regional agency agreement.