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The company has always adhered to the "integrity, team, hard work, innovation" concept of the company, and constantly

surpass themselves. In line with the purpose of taking advantage of the society and serving the society, we will develop

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The state of mind determines everything.

2018/05/10 11:44

Ren Zhengfei, President of HUAWEI:

Many people asked me if there was a double break in the company's work. Do you need to work overtime? I laughed without speaking, asking them to leave the company politely.

If you want to be comfortable, why do you want to go out to work? Isn't the direct nest at home seven off?

Speaking is difficult, and growing is far away from you.

When you give in return, the opportunity is far away from you.

One is thinking about personal interests, and the other is getting away from you.

As soon as we get better, we want to talk about the conditions. The future is far away from you.

One is thinking about how to lose oneself, and your career is far away from you.

The secret of success is to pay more!

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