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Attention to UV light oil on the label

2018/05/10 14:17

In the printing of adhesive labels, UV varnish coating is uneven, it will appear after curing the coating is not mirror.

1. Attention should be paid to the use of glazed oil.

2. Understand the types, properties and effects of varnish and change with other solvents.

3, choose suitable varnish for substrate and ink surface properties.

4, we should pay attention to the drying properties of varnish, whether the drying temperature range and drying time are not affected by substrate.

5, we should consider the adaptability of finishing materials such as hot stamping, durable friction, pressure resistance of concave and convex indentation and die cutting.

6, high gloss and smelling varnish should be chosen. 

Reason 1: UV light has high viscosity and poor leveling in the past few days.

Solution: reduce the viscosity of UV varnish and add a small amount of leveling agent.

Cause two: the coating roller is too rough.

Solution: the surface of coated roller should be ground and polished.

Two, label printing coated cots should have the following characteristics:

1. The hardness of rubber is between 50~60 and has good resilience.

2. It has good transfer and ink performance with the ink.

3. It has a certain wear resistance

Cause one: the pressure is too small and inhomogeneous

The solution: adjust the pressure.

Cause two: too much coating.

Solution: reduce the amount of coating.

Reason three: as the temperature is low, glazing oil is easier to solidify, which is not conducive to the normal flow of varnish, resulting in uneven surface oil film.

Solution: under normal circumstances, the temperature of the label is controlled at about 20, which can achieve satisfactory results.

Reason four: UV coating is not solidified, pressed by other guide rolls and anti adhesive.

Terms of settlement:

1, clean and clean.

2. Find out the reasons for not curing.

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