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What should be paid attention to in the storage of self-adhesive label?

2020/05/12 09:33
In general, the stickiness of the label is very good, but in winter when the temperature is low, the stickiness of the sticker will be directly affected. The viscosity of the adhesive label decreases with the decrease of temperature, especially in cold snow days.
Problems in storage of adhesive label
1. Label storage environment temperature should not be too low. The non dry rubber materials placed outdoors or in cold environment are easy to cause the materials, especially the rubber parts frostbite. If not restored properly, the adhesion and workability of the adhesive will be lost or lost.
2. The temperature of processing environment is very important for the smooth processing of materials. If the temperature is too low, the viscosity of the material will be reduced. In the process of processing, there will be bad printing, die cutting scrap, flying marks, falling marks and other phenomena, which will affect the smooth processing of the material.
3. The environmental temperature of self-adhesive label shall meet the product requirements. Any non adhesive material has a storage temperature, at which the non adhesive adhesive is limited, which will lead to improper labeling, warpage and other problems.
4. Label pretreatment is very important in cold areas. If the transportation and storage conditions can not meet the requirements, resulting in low temperature of the label itself, or even frostbite, although the label environment temperature meets the requirements, but the label status can not be restored in time, resulting in its viscosity and processing performance degradation. Performance will also be affected. Therefore, in the above cases, before processing or labeling, the label material should be placed in the labeling environment for more than 24 hours in advance, so that the temperature of the label material itself rises, so as to restore the viscosity and processing performance.
5. After labeling, the stickiness of self-adhesive label materials usually takes a period of time (usually 24 hours) to gradually reach a large value. It is not recommended that containers or products that have just been labeled be immediately placed in an environment with a large temperature difference (even if the environment meets the temperature range for the use of non drying adhesive materials). Otherwise, it will affect the development of viscosity. In addition, film labels and containers will expand and contract due to temperature changes, while paper labels are more likely to cause paper fiber moisture or dehydration deformation. These changes are not conducive to the good labeling performance of the adhesive.
6. Also pay attention to label pressure control and surface cleaning. Proper label pressure can not only ensure the pressure sensitivity of the label, but also exhaust the air between the label and the surface, so that the label is firm and flat. Cleaning the surface is also an important factor to ensure the stickiness and smoothness of the label.
Pay attention to avoid the influence of cold weather on the stickiness of dry adhesive label. At the same time, appropriate moisture-proof and waterproof measures shall be taken to avoid storing dry adhesive labels in humid environment.
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