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Liquor label, Tang millet label
  • Liquor label, Tang millet label

Liquor label, Tang millet label

Pearlescent film is made of polypropylene resin as raw material, adding calcium carbonate and pearlescent pigment, etc., mixed and stretched in two directions. Due to the use of mechanical foaming method, the proportion of pearlescent film is only about 0.7, while the proportion of PP is about 0.9, so flexible packaging enterprises are willing to choose, because of low price and good decoration, excellent performance. General composite structure of BOPP pearlescent film/CPP, BOPP pearlescent film/PE, etc., due to a certain pearlescent effect. Material: pearl film adhesive Features: high whiteness, obvious pearlescent appearance, good tensile strength, good shading, moderate density, stable characteristics, suitable for all kinds of beverage label special materials Printing: spot color, color, UV printing Hot stamping: cold/hot Shape: right angle, rounded corners and any irregular shape die cutting Scope of application: cold drink packaging such as: ice cream, heat seal label, dessert, biscuits, flavor snack packaging, etc

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