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Where can the sticker label be bought

2018/05/10 13:40

Many customers don't know where the stickers are cheap and good. In fact, the company can buy cheap quality and good label, we rely on advanced equipment, strong quality assurance, affordable price positioning and advanced service concept will win your trust! Business scope: dry glue, three-dimensional, hanging card, color package, anti-counterfeit label, UV printing, scraping card, silk screen, non-woven fabric, copper and aluminum brand, VIP card, membership card, PVC trademark, drop plastic trademark, refraction trademark, anti counterfeit, special printing... Provide customers with satisfactory products and services.

1: food labels, drug labels, all kinds of bottle stickers, suitable for automatic labeling machines, PVC stickers, electronic regulatory code labels.

2: red wine labels, the original imported materials, SH3020 series, comparable to the French quality.

3: sun protection color label (super anti UV ink), auto sticker, fire retardant and self-adhesive label (burn out).

4: high temperature label, high temperature 200 degree sticker, high temperature ribbon label, high temperature transparent sticker.

5: freeze resistant adhesive stickers, refrigerated labels, resistant to zero 40 degrees dry adhesive paste, 80 degrees below zero labelling.

6: texture label, shading label, color change label, ink color change label, high temperature discoloration label.

7: luminous adhesive stickers, the dark environment continued to shine for about 8 hours.

8: decorative stickers, wood stickers, tile stickers, glass stickers, wall stickers, floor stickers.

9: laptop stickers, sunscreen waterproof stickers, beauty stickers, cartoon stickers.

10: high temperature color change labels, touch color labels, water stain labels, discoloration labels, low temperature color labels.

11: color change, anti-counterfeiting labels, light anti counterfeit labels, crystal ink anti-counterfeiting labels.

12: safety mark, warning sign, night light indicator, safety export, fire fighting sign, night light label, ground sticker 13: cell phone battery label, battery shrink film label, antistatic label, No. 5 battery label,

14: clothing labels, luggage labels, tag, cloth labels, ribbon labels, fragile labels, plastic labels, plastic hoists. 15: computer labels, volume printed labels, two side punched stickers, labels, barcode labels, blank labels.

16: aeley label, 3M tag, DuPont label, blue tag, cable label, environmental label.

17: tear not bad label, jewelry label, metal adhesive label, aluminum brand, stainless steel brand, bar code,

18: plastic labels, PVC signs, aluminum cards, stainless steel cards, dropping labels, nameplates,

19: Fragrance stickers (durable fragrance), fixed assets labels (multiple variable contents).

20: self adhesive labels, adhesive Label, ribbon, Ribbon, tag, Hang Tag, water mark, Care Label

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