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Adhesive label printing and plate making process

2018/05/10 13:48

According to the different types of paper used in printing, different plate making methods are adopted. What are the printing and plate making processes for self-adhesive labels?

There are two kinds of paper commonly used in label printing, one is the structure of paper monomers and adhesive, and the adhesive is mainly composed of active glue and so on. The other is that the paper is a surface matrix coated with pressure sensitive glue. Two different kinds of paper have two different printing methods.

The first structure of paper monomers and tackifier can be made of non adhesive press, and the second one is made of self-adhesive printing machine. The use of self-adhesive presses can be used for printing, relief, stamping and laminating. Printing is also varied, with convex printing, footprints, flexographic, silk screen and so on.

The plate making of dry adhesive printing is mainly made of printing plates. It includes punching pressure and so on. There are many formats, such as letterpress, gravure, offset printing, flexography and so on. At present, the proportion of flexographic printing occupies an increasing proportion in the market, and is also more and more popular among consumers. In Europe and America, it has become the mainstream of printing.

The label printing methods include flat press printing, rotary printing and screen printing. In printing, different printing methods can be selected according to the characteristics and purposes of the printed products.

There are three methods for die cutting knives: flat die cutting tools, cylindrical die cutting knives, and one kind of thin plate that is magnetically attached to the cylinder and corroded.

The above is the adhesive label printing and plate making process. In the process of printing, it is necessary to choose different printing ink according to different printing methods, drying methods, material and material,in order to make the product achieve higher quality and satisfy the customers.

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