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By understanding the label classification and prepress process of non dry glue

2018/05/10 13:51

By understanding the label classification and pre press technology, use and so on. In daily life and production, you can choose stickers that are suitable for your products.

1. Pre press design requirements for sticker label

(1) understand the process route.

(2) in the use of color, we should use spot color to make up for the shortage of four color printing, and the color should be concise and bright.

(3) the same color should be set up separately from the field.

(4) the lines can not be too thin, the text can not be too small.

(5) emphasis should be placed on the intermediate tone in the level of application.

(6) in the case of label printing, the direction of the label, the position of the imposition labels should be considered.

Two, adhesive label printing of the flexo resin plate

The flexible plate has the characteristics of high elasticity, high resistance to printing and high resolution. It is necessary to make high quality plate, and high quality plate making and plate making equipment are needed in addition to high quality plate. At present, the better materials are the Sally version of DuPont and the German Basf Inc, which are composed of three parts: Polyester protective layer, photosensitive resin layer and polyester support membrane. The photosensitive resin layer is attached to the polyester support membrane to ensure the stability of the size, which covers a layer of polyester protection layer. The polyester protection layer and the polyester support membrane protection plate can avoid damage during the handling, cutting and back exposure.

Three, printing resin plate printing without adhesive label printing

The production of film is typed by computer and typed by laser phototypesetting machine. Usually Yin pictures are used to see the negative images of the orthographic characters. The density of the transmittance parts of the film is less than 0.05, and the density of the shading parts is more than 3. Plate making process is: exposure, washing, drying and exposure.


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