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Four big structures of adhesive label

2018/05/10 13:55

Sticky label is also called self adhesive label material. It is a composite material with paper, film or special material as fabric, adhesive on the back and base paper with silicon coated paper.

Surface material: the surface material is the load-bearing part of the adhesive label content, and the back of the tissue is coated with adhesive. Surface material can be used in a lot of material, generally divided into copper plate, transparent polyvinyl chloride (PVC), PVC, polyester (PET), laser paper, temperature resistant paper, polypropylene (PP), polycarbonate (PC), kraft paper, fluorescent paper, gold plated paper, silver plated paper, synthetic paper, aluminum foil paper, fragile (anti-counterfeit) paper, fine paper, cloth standard (Thai). Vic / nylon) paper, pearlescent paper, sandwich coated paper, heat sensitive paper.

Two. Membrane materials: transparent polyester (PET), translucent polyester (PET), transparent directional tensile polypropylene (OPP), translucent directional tensile polypropylene (OPP), transparent polyvinyl chloride (PVC), light white polyvinyl chloride (PVC), non light white polyvinyl chloride (PVC), synthetic paper, light gold (Silver) polyester, and gold free (silver) polyester.

Three. Adhesive: General super sticky, general strong sticky, cold food strong viscosity, universal re opened type, fiber re opened type. On the one hand, it ensures the proper adhesion between the bottom paper and the surface paper. On the other hand, it ensures that the surface paper is stripped, and it also has strong stickability with the paste.

Four. Bottom paper material: the form paper, commonly known as "bottom paper", is not sticky on the surface, and the base paper has isolation effect on the adhesive, so it is used as the attachment of the paper to ensure that the paper can easily be stripped off the base paper. Commonly used are white, blue, yellow grin paper (glassine) or garlic paper (onion), kraft paper, polyester (PET), coated paper, polyethylene (PE).

A little sticker label, a lot of time is an important embodiment of the company's image and brand, which plays an important role in reflecting the quality of the product and causing the consumers to buy the desire. Labels are unquestionable for the importance of products, and choosing a good label manufacturer is very important. Choosing a good printer can not only add to your icing on the cake, but also make your product pack zero. Because Guangzhou label Co., Ltd. is that each label is imported by the 99.99% of the inspection machine, according to the model test. Fine to specification, weight, color and pattern. Strive to achieve the whole year zero error.

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