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Color sticker label printing technology sharing

2018/05/10 13:57

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, China's printing market is expanding, the market share of trademark and sticker is increasing, and the market of color non dry glue printing is also increasing. This brings endless business opportunities for sticker printing.

Key points of color non dry glue printing technology:

First, pay attention to the adjustment of paper feeding parts when printing stickers. The air volume of the paper suction part and the paper nozzle should be enlarged.

Preparation of food non dry glue

Two, separate paper suction nozzle, paper feed nozzle to replace larger diameter and larger thickness of rubber apron, in order to achieve stable paper feeding, the paper roller does not swing.

Three, as the thickness of the two layer of copperplate paper, the thickness of the paper thickness should be paid attention to the increase of the gap of the double controller. The distance between the side gauge and the front gauge of the paper tongue and the transport board should be increased.

Four, the distance between the surface of the paper pad and the printing roller surface, the paper pad and the cardboard should be increased, and the distance is equal to the thickness of the paper plus 0.3mm.

Printing adhesive

Five, adjust the pressure of printing. In the offset printing process, the two rollers in the three rollers of the printing plate, rubber and embossing are contacted and extruded to transfer. In order to obtain the normal ink transfer on the printed paper, it is true to reproduce the continuous tone, lines, images, and halftone dots of the graphic and text parts, which must be added to the surface of the two roller surfaces. The accuracy and accuracy of printing pressure will directly determine the size and depth of printing and printing. It is necessary to adjust the center distance between the impression cylinder and the rubber drum when printing the dry glue, and the center distance of the drum can be enlarged 0.2 to 0.4mm. If the paper is thinner, the thickness that should be reduced is to add the thickness of the lining from the plate pad to the rubber drum; if the paper is thinned when the printing is thinned, a certain thickness is subtracted from the rubber drum liner and the corresponding thickness is added to the pad's liner.

Six. Compaction and compaction should be made to prevent the running relative slip during printing. In production practice, the ideal printing pressure is generally controlled around 0.15-0.25mm. It is necessary to emphasize the ideal printing pressure, which means that the printing plate's imprinting is sufficiently strong on the paper under the certain compression of the printing surface. The minimum pressure is adopted on the basis of clear and complete dot.

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